Every Good Parent

He's fifteen. At that tender age, he has already assumed the huge responsibility of being a mother and a father to three kids. He bathes, feeds, takes care of them and takes them to school. He also teaches them "what he knows." This little father-mother is only a house help.

This is a true story; it’s not fiction. Similar stories are found everywhere, except in my home :) There is one bad thing about making money - it makes you forget that there are some things it cannot buy. A child from a very wealthy home once said to me out of frustration, "I have everything, except parental love." Her parents are never around. They leave very early for work and come back very late at night. Even when they are around, it's still work-work-work!!!

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What Is Junior Watching?

I noticed something about my son who is now 5 plus. He watches with keen interest most of the things we do at home. He has done certain things I am noted for and I do not need to ask "where did he get that from?" So, the slogan in my home is "whatever you will not want him to do, do not do it in his presence."

The younger sister too (now a year plus) is following in his steps. The other day she (then 8 months plus) attempted to open the glass shelve with one hand while holding a DVD in the other hand. She was obviously attempting to play the disc just as she has been seeing us do.

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