SchoolTips brings you the concluding part of security tips compiled by the Lagos State Police Command and the State Security Services (SSS) for the benefit of the general public.


  • Teach children never to admit strangers into the home;
  • Teach children local emergency phone numbers (Lagos-112 and 767). Make sure younger children know their names, address, and phone number;
  • Get to know all your teenager’s friends;
  • Caution teenagers about “blind dates” or meeting anyone they do not know;
  • Teach younger member of your family not to open mails or packages;
  • Teach young children how to answer telephone so that they do not give out personal information, such as home address, absence of adults, etc.;
  • Teach children how to say “NO” to strangers;
  • Teach children how to exit the house in case of emergency.


  • Endeavour to vet and re-vet domestic staff through the service of the SSS;
  • Always sensitize members of your family on security tips gained through security awareness;
  • Further sensitize family members on emerging threats against human health as well as new crime trends; and
  • Keep dangerous objects away from children.


  • Install CCTV cameras in your business premises to monitor movements of people and assist police in identifying criminals;
  • Be careful of colleagues and other associates;
  • Do not divulge office information to staff and non-staff without authorization;
  • Learn and adhere to the rules and regulations governing your employment;
  • Avoid amorous affairs in your office environment;
  • Be cautious of friends who always wish to discuss official matters when they visit you or take you out on social outings;
  • Avoid discussing official or personal/financial information on the phone;
  • Be cautious of colleagues who may exploit your relationship to gain unauthorized access to information within your domain;


  • Ensure that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition before embarking on any road trip (check spare tyres/tools);
  • Avoid night travels and always keep enough money for emergency situations like boarding fresh conveyance;
  • Do not wear excess jewellery and always dress casually;
  • Be wary of discussing your travel/business plans;
  • If on a flight, adhere to all security/safety instructions, and when travelling by road, be cautious of sharing food with strangers;
  • Keep away from any luggage not attended to in hotels, airports or other public places.


  • Keep emergency numbers with you at all times. You can create speed dial numbers in your mobile phone just in case you find yourself in a very compromising situation;
  • Do not give away any personal information such as your home address, especially on social networking websites or to persons unknown to you;
  • Watch what and where you speak, especially on the phone. A lot of people have no sense of security while speaking, and you could end up bragging yourself into being kidnapped for a ransom;
  • Be alert to suspicious and unusual behaviour around you;
  • Be discrete in your philanthropic gestures as this could make you a target;
  • Do not discuss financial matters in open places and not even in the car or within the hearing of your domestic staff;
  • Avoid huge cash transactions; use ATM or online transfer where necessary;
  • Do not leave your children in a car unattended, particularly while shopping, refuelling or on social outings;
  • Avoid going out alone;
  • Schools should install CCTV in the school surroundings to monitor activities in and around the premises especially at opening and closing times.


  • Be alert and report any suspicious or unfamiliar person(s) in your neighbourhood;
  • Report any suspicious package/vehicle to the nearest police station/check point/security post


  • Do not use your phone or send text messages while driving. Use of phones while driving increase the chances of accidents by 300% and it is against the law; (Schedule 1, item 39 of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law);
  • Even when using phone with hands free approved by Traffic Law, do not engage in long conversations as this absorbs all your attention, increasing the chance of accident/robbery/kidnapping;
  • Ensure that all your vehicles lights (head lamps, rear lights, brake lights, and indicators) are functioning. Car owners, office fleets, delivery trucks/vans, tankers (NUPENG), Buses (Staff,NURTW, BRT/LAGBUS) (schedule 3, items 30-33 of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law);
  • Vehicles with learner signs should not be driven without an instructor;
  • Do not drive against traffic;
  • Be considerate of and courteous to other road users.


  • Do not discuss your business or travel plans in public areas where you may be overhead. Discuss your travel plans and movements with as few people as possible;
  • Do not entertain strangers in your hotel room;
  • Be alert to overly friendly locals who may have criminal intentions. They may offer to take you to a ‘special’ restaurant. Their ruse may be to offer you drugged refreshments;
  • Never leave valuables in your hotel room exposed or unattended to, even in locked suitcases;
  • Place valuables, money, jewellery, airplane tickets, credit cards, passport, in a hotel safe deposit box or room safe;
  • Familiarize yourself with escape routes in case of fire or other catastrophe;
  • Use the door chain or bolt lock whenever you are in your room;
  • Use the door viewer(peephole) before opening the door to visitors;
  • Do not discuss your room number, while standing in the lobby or leave your room key on restaurant or bar tables;
  • Keep your room neat so will notice disturbed or missing items quickly.

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