Parties are fun, right? At least most of them are. The holiday season is drawing near again and I can hear someone thinking ‘meeehn I’m gonna rock this year’s Christmas party!’ After being serious and professional for most of the year, letting your hair down and “rocking” the party should be fine, right? Yeah, right!
You must remember that regardless of the venue of the party, it is an extension of the workplace. These are your co-workers and that is still your BOSS! One day of fun most certainly does not outweigh 364 days of professionalism. That one day can taint you forever! So here are a few tips on how to behave:


Dress appropriately

This is not the place for bum shorts and skimpy outfits. It definitely isn’t the place for bling and skin. Be fashionable yet keeping your professional appeal.

Don’t be Antisocial

Be nice. Mingle a little. Make an effort to be jolly and sociable.

Don’t Dance

Ok. Dance a little. Dancing is fun but it is a major risk. There is the dilemma of suggestive dancing. Many DJs do not understand how to make their play list environmentally-friendly, but know that this is not the time to shake your booty to Iyanya’s ‘kukere’ or ‘your waist’. Your colleagues will see you in a new light with all the back flipping and break dancing. To be safe, just move to the left and to the right like you are dancing to an Ebenezer Obey song. Never ever go above board.

Don’t Drink

Now I do not mean water or soft drinks. Do not take alcohol especially when you know that you do stupid things when you do. This can make you dance – drunk dancing is awkward and funny– or give a toast which would be meaningless.

Don’t Flirt

It’s not the time for romance. Don’t use the party as an opportunity to get the groove on that pretty office babe or the handsome guy you only see from afar. Do that outside the office walls and away from the prying eyes of colleagues.

Don’t give a toast

Except you have been assigned to or you are in a position to, please do not give a toast! And if you are drunk, your silliness comes to the limelight. You’ll find out that you are not an orator. Leave the speech to your boss.

Don’t Talk (too much)

The party isn’t one for unrestrained chatter or expressions of frustrations or publicizing your ideas to transform the company if you were in charge. It isn’t the time to divulge family or office secrets. Don’t take the opportunity to ask for a raise or campaign for a position just because your boss is smiling. Don’t talk loosely or gossip or tell racy jokes. In fact, do not go beyond idle chit chat. Whatever you say cannot be taken back and can be used against you… anywhere.

Don’t do Drama

The office party is not the ideal place to pick a fight. It’s not the place for a wedding proposal. It’s not the place to dramatically quit your job.

Don’t linger…

Leave before you do something reeeaally stupid…

Just enjoy the party and bow out with your professional and self-dignity intact.

Ebun is a project manager, client service professional and a SchoolTips Contributor. She blogs at

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