1. The average person eats around 60,000 pounds worth of food during his life. This is the equivalent of six elephants. Someone in your home is worth in weight six elephants!
  2. Most people shed between 50 to 100 hairs every day. The question is, ‘where do all these hairs go’?
  3. Most of the dust in your home is actually dead skin!
  4. Sneezing with your eyes open is impossible!
  5. Many people who read the word yawn or yawning begin to feel the urge to yawn.
  6. Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil.
  7. Buttermilk does not contain any butter.
  8. Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age.
  9. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
  10. If the human stomach doesn’t produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks it will totally digest itself.
  11. 75% of the world’s population wash themselves in the shower from the top to the bottom.
  12. Less than 2% of all the people in the world can lick their elbow. Did you just try to do it?
  13. Apple, onions & potatoes have the same taste, don’t believe it. Here is the test: Pinch your nose & taste all 3, find any difference?
  14. Do you ever wonder what causes tears in eyes while cutting onions! It is the sulphuric acid present in onion, which creates itching in the eyes & causes tears. But if you chill the onions enough, effect of sulphuric acid goes down drastically.
  15. Eating a lot of onions will make you sleepy as it acts as a sedative.
  16. Your heart beats around 100000 times a day, 36500000 times a year and over a billion times if you live beyond 30.
  17. The average human with a full head of hair contains between 85,000 - 150,000 hairs.


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